Miserable Goodbye - Losing Friends


Lirik lagu Miserable Goodbye

Intro : F - G - Am
F - G - Am
When I remember the notes you left for me
Remorse is all I can feel
No perfect one in this whole world
Repeating is only raising a million of wounds
Pretending (of nothing )
F - E - F - Am - G
don’t lay back the expect while in time
F - E - F - G
Coz I won’t you to everlasting goodbye
C - C on B -Am - F
Just go and wait me there
Trust me cause smile soon comes to you
Last change was passed away a promise we made
It has been gone to late to say
What is so far? Should I wait for that?
A promise you made me hope
A reason I can’t keep that
Just want to save my self cause life was choice
Decision bring you back to know him
C - C on B - Am - F
Much more is only seems like a broken dreams (More than anything here)
Even I miss something graceful
Remember that you’ve hurt somebody (Hold them there in line never though my anger)
Loves you, what is so bright?

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